Friday, October 9, 2009

Grounded or Anchored?


Dreaming is essential to life but you should also be grounded in reality. Yes, you want to follow your dreams but the reality is you’ve got to achieve them in the now. Some people let that thought kill their dreams. Those people might as well have an anchor tied to their ankle. They let life define them instead of designing the life they want. Their conversations are full of words like but, I can't, that’s impossible--you know the drill.

There are others that dream of pie in the sky, but there is nothing in the now that says they are working toward getting the ingredients let alone baking the pie. They are blowing in the wind like a runaway balloon.

And then, there are those that are grounded and at the same time dreaming a conscious dream. They can see the dream and yet, they ground themselves knowing or learning what they need to do to reach it. When the opportunities present themselves, they take them. The best visual of this is imagining that you are a small child standing on a bus looking up at the strap and when you see how high it is, you know you've got to grow before you can reach it. Get it? You've got to grow to reach your dreams. Now untie that anchor and do something today toward the life you dream about.

Get grounded.